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Horror Fiction, Speculative Fiction, Weird Fiction and Other Oddities

Welcome to Alien Sun Press. 

Started during the pandemic, our publishing house is run a bit differently than most as we are a collaborative effort with our main mission being to elevate and celebrate the weird in art, music, and fiction. 

To learn more, check out our newly published Urban Legend anthology, A Walk in a City Of Shadows. Or you could read our first anthology attempt, a true love letter to Folk Horror, A Walk in a Darker Wood.

And in the near future stay tuned for our newest anthology, a tribute to the work of the great Gemma Files. 

We Are The Future

The Future is Bright

The Future is Alien. 

Join us. 


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Sarah Walker

Artist, Anthropologist, Editor, and Writer


Nora Peevy

Writer, Editor, and Artist


Phil Breach

Poet, Writer and Editor


Gordon White

 Editor and Writer

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From some of the writers and editors who helped to bring you A Walk in A Darker Wood and the recently published A Walk in a City of Shadows comes a new terrifying collection based on the work of one of Horror’s greatest living authors, Gemma Files!

This is the second collection brought to you by Alien Sun Press and we are super excited about it! With the incredible John Langan set to write the foreword, this anthology is a tribute not only to the work of Gemma Files but in particular based on her classic work, Experimental film. This collection will also have illustrations from various artists.

So here are the particulars….

What we want:

- Stories based on the themes set out in Gemma Files’ classic work, Experimental Film. What does that mean? Well, firstly make sure you have read her work first and then send us something that is…

-Unique and clever Horror stories involving cursed or dangerous films. These tales can be from the point of view of anyone involved in cinema from the visual artists all the way to the directors, the actors, or even the audience. Play around, and try something new!

-Stories with a strong Gemma Files feel about them- characters that are complex and encompass sometimes contradictory character traits- ‘evil’ that is done for good, etc. Use of myth, use of evocative scenery, and a general spooky haunted vibe.

-'Weird Fiction' style tales!

-Poetic language with a dark bent

-Creative takes on folklore

-Well-written work leaning into literary horror. We like complex plots and interactions

What we do not want-

-Slasher fic that is slasher just for shock value

-Fan fiction- that is stories using the actual characters created by Gemma Files her work, particularly in the book Experimental Film. Remember you can use the themes and concepts but using her actual characters won’t work. That is plagiarism.  

-No rape, torture, animal cruelty, etc., or abuse/cruelty/torture porn kind of work.

Please note that we will consider excellent stories that have aspects of violence if this violence is necessary to the plot.

If you are not sure, send it to us and we can check if it meets the standards we are aiming for.

The particulars:

Your story should be between 3000-6000 words, in Times New Roman 12-point font (preferred)

Please use the classic structure of short story submission as designed by Bill Shunn. Here is the link if you are unsure of what that means-

 The final due date for subs is midnight on June 1st, 2023

Please email your submission to

Along with your name and “Submission: Title” in the subject line along with a short bio and photo in case we do accept the piece. (Like this: Walker Submission: My Story)

We are willing to consider slightly longer or slightly shorter pieces if they are exceptionally good, so please query if you have something outside of these ranges. Please note that the pay will be a flat rate of 50$ plus an author copy of the completed anthology after our Kickstarter backers are taken care of. 

Simultaneous submissions ok as long as you inform us

No reprints in general. Query though if you have something special

Writers of all kinds are encouraged to submit! If you have any questions, don’t be shy! Please email and ask 

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Thanks for submitting!

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A Tribute to Gemma Files

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